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Hello there! I'm Karolina Romanova and I'd like to explain a few things about this blog here.

About me
I'm a Polish blogger in her twenties and a freelance storyboardist/illustrator. My style can be described as a mix of geek chic, preppy and vintage with some edgier elements like studs, spikes, combat boots etc. (blame those K-pop boys and their flawless sweet-but-spicy looks) and I thought that sharing this style with the rest of the world would be a great idea. You'll see both feminine and masculine elements in my outfits, in general I'm trying to keep it a bit androgynous. I identify myself as genderfluid.

Contact me at karolina.romanova[at]gmail.com or through my Facebook fanpage.

As an illustrator
As I said, I work part-time as an illustrator. My art style derived from manga, now I'm more inspired by the European comic artists, both major and indie ones. You can see my works on my Facebook fanpage and Instagram profile.

I'm also publishing a webcomic titled #DCDNC. You can read it on Smackjeeves.

About this blog
The name Cafe Moscow (styled as cafe moscow. for the sake of my weird aesthetics) isn't as random as you'd think. I'm a total freak when it comes to the Russian culture. I take lots of inspiration from it as an artist and my dream is to visit Moscow one day. As for the cafe part, I'm addicted to cafes and teahouses and the city I live in is famous for having lots of them. I guess I've choosen a good place to live in!

Brands I collaborated with

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