środa, 12 października 2016

Recent faves

There are some outfits that I really do have to plan out thoroughly. This one, however, wasn't the case. I just threw together all of the pieces I've been loving recently and, magically, they created something pretty coherent. Basically, it's just a mix of recent faves. It might seem a bit too much for some, considering all that leather, gold and a huge red accent, but honestly, I don't care, there's nothing wrong with being a bit too much from time to time.

Let's break it down into pieces. First off, there's the hat that I've been wearing almost everyday since I bought it two months ago. Then, there is my first wig that I'm still very reluctant to part with (it's really damaged), so I just teased the hell out of it for some witchy chic that I'm kind of into these days. The oversized bomber jacket, a.k.a the most k-pop outerwear you can imagine, is my precious latest thrifted find. 

Look at this red piece that might be taken as a tunic or a dress, depending on whether you can see the shorts underneath it or not - I am just so in love with it that I'm definitely going to wear it with leggings when it gets colder soon. I've been dreaming about a red dress like that for years and ain't the weather stopping me from wearing it now that I got it!

Finally, there's this edgy backpack that I fell for the moment I've seen the golden snake skin print and the studs at the sides. I hope it turns out to be durable since it's yet another thing that I can't seem to stop wearing even when it seems out of place, because really, why not take this tiny bit of swag out for grocery shopping? I see no problem with this.

I'm wearing a H&M hat and (thrifted) jacket, Red Long Sleeve Breasted DressEmbossing Color Matching Rivet Satchel and Velvet Hollow Out Choker from Zaful and SIX rings.

Photos were taken by Marta. Thank you!

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