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Outfit Recap (4.07.2016 - 8.07.2016)

I rarely wear blue (I have a weird relationship with this colour - hello, synesthesia), but when I do, it's the dark blue shade. I tolerate the mint blue only on hair and nails, but then, on my yellow-ish bangs, the mint hair powder comes out as teal colour... Oh well, it's even better since it's darker. The only exception to this black-white-blue pallette was the Friday outfit, but I'll get to this later.

  • Monday: hello, teal hair! I wore a pretty dark casual-ish outfit with some quirky schoolboy elements, such as the neat cardigan, leather messenger bag and platforms sneakers.
  • Tuesday: wearing cobalt blue shorts with a loose white shirt and my new normcore-ish sandals, since it was waaaay too hot to wear anything else.
  • Wednesday: a pretty monochromatic look with the teal bangs being the only exception.
  • Thursday: Monday's outfit, but with the sandals instead.
  • Friday: the weather suddenly got cold and rainy, and of course, me being me, I didn't bring anything warmer with me. My workmate, however, saved me with this pretty pastel pink sweater (and now it's mine since she put it on sale on her Vinted profile anyway). And yes, it was that kind of a day when you just wanna wear a ton of layers on top but still opt for comfy sandals. This is a pretty weird summer, to be honest.

poniedziałek, 4 lipca 2016

Going Strong

The title of this post refers to two things: my white shirt phase that I have mentioned some time ago and, of course, this blog here. Today marks three years since I've started blogging and even though I most likely deleted the first post (along with some others) during a self-loathing episode (it happens, no big deal), I still remember what I wore there and I promise to recreate this look according to my current style soon. In the meanwhile, please enjoy yet another sassy schoolgirl look, mainly made by the skirt that I finally managed to button up to the very top. Yay!

Apart from a short happy birthday, dear bloggie, I don't really have much to say. I'll just state the facts: blogging has allowed me to polish up my style, boost my self esteem (very poor before) and overall confidence and meet amazing people who managed to like back such an awkward little creature that I am (some of them even became my dearest friends). As much as I'd love to make a living only by blogging one day, I wouldn't really mind if it stays as it is currently - really now, I do have an awesome job already, so I might as well just post my looks with a few snarky comments thrown inbetween the pictures for the rest of my life.

(I still think that a collaboration with one of my usual coffee providers wouldn't hurt, though.)

Photos by Marta. Thank you!

sobota, 2 lipca 2016

Outfit recap: 20.06.2016 - 25.06.2016

I got a new job, which is, conveniently, my dream job, but requires actually leaving the safe space of my home. And meeting people. In another city, on top of that. But then, it's the perfect occasion to show off my style in the new place, so it's all good in the end. It seems like this illustrated recap will become a weekly thing!
So, onto the recap itself:

  • Monday: I wore squirrel print dress with high-waisted red shorts and white creepers to bring some vintage boyish charm to the new workplace.
  • Tuesday: a very simple outfit: bright floral dress with a cardigan and light summer oxfords.
  • Wednesday: probably the edgiest outfit here - I wore a leather skirt on a red dress (yep, a dress, a very plain one that serves perfectly as a top).
  • Thursday: a more laid-back edition of Monday's boyish charm.
  • Friday: I put on the leather skirt on this violet flannel to make it a bit more sassy.

See you next week!
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