środa, 30 marca 2016


I had been feeling shitty for a few days in a row prior to this photoshoot, so what would have been a better way to break the streak of less fortunate days than to dress in the most doll-like outfit and hit the city with my BFF? I swear, there is none (unless you count dressing up like a pretty boy and doing the same thing. But hey, can a pretty boy look like a doll, too? A male porcelain doll, that is).
Actually, this shirt dress appeared twice on the blog, but somehow it was hidden in both posts. Today, I'm showing you this piece the way I like to wear it the most: with a huge bow under the collar and a cardigan thrown over it. 100% femme me and very classy at the same time.
I'm always jealous of how Klara manages to incorporate oxfords into girly outfits. Here, however, I decided to try the same thing with my own burgundy pair (not for the first time, though).

So, did the whole dressing up thing work? Yes! Just as we were sipping coffee after the photoshoot, I started getting one rad news after another and, to be honest, I'm still getting them! Not everything is going perfectly smooth in my life, but I can always expect at least one thing to brighten up my day. And that's good, I think. I hope all those not-so-perfect matters will get better as well, given time.

dress, cardigan, scarf - thrifted
hat, shoes - H&M
tights - Gatta

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

czwartek, 24 marca 2016

Outfit recap: 14.03.2016 - 18.03.2016

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Karolina Romanova (@karolinaxromanova)

wtorek, 22 marca 2016

Mr. Simple

 No, not because I naughty naughty (well, that is disputable), but because... Let's be honest: this outfit is very simple, so I named it after the title of a k-pop classic. However, this set, despite consisting of such simple elements as a flannel shirt, skinny pants and a pair of oxfords, manages to seem extraordinary. Let's break it down detail by detail and see why.

First of all: the hat, the bowtie and the watch serve as dark accents that clash with the bright colours of the shirt. Colour-wise, it toned the outfit down. Flashiness-wise, though, it elevated the whole look into a completely new level! Oh, also, I noticed my bleached strand of hair has faded to the yellow-ish tone that kinda matches the colour of the watch, haha (totally not intended, gonna bleach/dye my bangs soon).

 Short intermission: a sassy pose to show off the outfit in its full glory!

...and we're back to the details. Last time you've seen my leopard oxfords, I wore them with an all-black set. Here, though, I decided to wear them with pink socks because really, why not? The Union Jack bag added a touch of the classy British feel.

shirt, pants - thrifted

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

wtorek, 15 marca 2016


 I swear, this year is flying so fast! We've just had Valentine's Day not so long ago and poof, White Day is here all of sudden. I mentioned this date in my V-Day post, but just to remind you quickly: in various Asian cultures, February 14th is the day when girls give gifts to guys and then, one month later, on White Day, it's the exact opposite - the girls get all the presents. I think it explains my girly attire with white as the dominant colour. Just think of this as of a female version of this outfit.

It's a shame that this lovely jumpsuit has appeared only once on the blog. Actually, it has a lot of potential outside of the summer, too. I wear it through the whole year because a). it's 100% my style, b). it's made of a non-wrinkly material, c). it's black-and-white, which means I can pair it up with colourful tights (or a pair as flashy as this in-your-face white one).

The last thing I have to mention is this wonderful new wig. I gotta admit, it's my most flattering wig up-to-date and I kinda regret not showing it without the beanie - it really suits my features and makes my face look very, very retro-like. I can't wait to pair it up with my cat-eye glasses to bring out the whole vintage feel it has to offer! 

faux fur coat, bag, cardigan - thrifted
jumpsuit - Lookbook Store
tights - Gatta

Photos taken by Marta - thank your so much!

poniedziałek, 14 marca 2016

Outfit recap: 09.03.2016 - 13.03.2016

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Karolina Romanova (@karolinaxromanova)

wtorek, 8 marca 2016

Disneywave Bambicore

If you're wondering what the hell are those two random words put in the title, I'm here to answer you. As you might (or might not) know, my heart has been stolen by the nostalgic genre of vaporwave. Yes, this is the main source of my reawakened fascination with the early 90's that happened to be my childhood years. Led by the memories of watching poorly recorded classic Disney movies on VHS tapes, I bought this cozy sweatshirt with Bambi embroidered in the front. Yes. A friggin' Bambi. In your face.

I'm a bit old, you know, so I like to think that I've just set up a new hot trend for the people in their late 20's: wearing vintage Disney-themed clothing. Let's call it disneywave. The subgenre I'm wearing here would be called bambicore. I totally dig it. Imagine all those peeps sporting their Snow White or Lion King sweatshirts at work, taking snaps of it and then tagging it #snowwhitecore or #simbacore. Wouldn't that be awesome?

I feel like I'm submerging into this raw style more and more. Please bear with me. It may result in less flashiness on this blog, but then, I might be saving it for my later drag career (if that ever occurs, and I passionately hope it does, that is). Once it blooms, I probably will be puking glitter by moonlight, wearing 90's by daylight.

My friend responsible for these photos, who looks as if she time travelled back from the late 80's herself (sharp facial features, dark lipstick, all-black outfits and wit that can easily kill you), continues her mission to photograph me in a way that brings out my boyishness in its purest form. Truth to be told, I am more interested in doing those androgynous looks lately - they seem kinda simple, but they're actually so much more challenging to put together AND look consistent.

Time for the quick focus on the details. The rabbit socks match the Bambi theme so well! Plus, they're probably the only greyish socks I own with any interesting print. I decided to go back to wearing my over-the-top rings, too. The leather strap you see above the watch is actually an old choker that, sadly, got very stretchy during last summer's heat wave. Oh well, it works nicely as a bracelet now!

sweatshirt, shirt, bag - thrifted
leather pants - Vero Moda

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

niedziela, 6 marca 2016

February Recap

First look of the month was a very preppy one. I've finally found a way to incorporate this oversized fedora hat - a gift from Dresslink - into a girly, somewhat classic outfit. Truth to be told, it was the only hat big enough to sit properly on this wig, but it worked out nicely with the rest anyway.
Valentine's Day look! Yay! My White Day post will be on the female side, so I decided to dress up boyishly (is that even a word?) for February 14. Way to get more gifts, hehe. Here, I presented you my freshly bleached bangs (an experience scary enough to stop on this little fragment of my hair and not bleach the rest). Also, it was my first time wearing these absolutely amazing white creepers.

wtorek, 1 marca 2016

Kittens & Puppies

You're probably looking at the picture above with disbelief. No neat shirt? No cardigan? Not even a girly dress or an edgy coat? This time, my usual quirky spirit is in the details and I'm not talking about the hat and leather bag, which became my staples. Now, if you'd like to take a closer look...

...YES! Kittens and puppies might be archrivals in real life, but as you can see, I managed to mix those dog-printed socks with leopard print shoes successfully. Really now, did you think that I'd choose such a dark, simple outfit and have no stylish surprise hidden somewhere in the set?

My story with turtlenecks, on the other hand, used to resemble a bumpy road with its ups (moments of absolute love) and downs (complete hatred). These days, however, due to the fact I don't leave home as much as I used to, my outfits became somehow simpler and more sleek, leaning towards the late 80's - early 90's nostalgia, which is exactly where black turtlenecks belong. Not that I'm complaining, though - my neck is long enough to look flattering in this kind of top, plus, it always brings that bishounen feel, doesn't it?

 I've successfully managed to come up with a few really nice outfits set in that nostalgic 80's/90's style and I hope to show it to you someday. They're all as dark as this one, but I hope it won't bother you too much (believe me, they do not reflect the state of my mind. I'm fairly well, actually).

Oh, one more thing - my hair. It's doing just fine nearly one month after the little revolution I told you about in the previous outfit post. The bleached segment is long enough to turn it into a nice curly mess with my cheap curling iron. I know, I know - it all looks very artsy-fartsy, this messy hairstyle combined with the porkpie hat, but really now, I'm officially a graphic designer. I deserve to look a bit hipster-ish.

turtleneck, sweater, pants, bag - thrifted

Photos by Marta, thank you very much!
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