czwartek, 28 stycznia 2016

Art Recap 2016.01.18 - 2016.01.24


#DCDNC chapter 8, page 16 - sketching.


A fanart of one of my favourite bloggers, Kayla Hadlington. The best thing is that she liked it very much!


Early morning speedpainting.

#DCDNC chapter 8, page 17. Local McDonald's provided some very nice lighting.


#DCDNC chapter 8, page 18 over a cup of my fave Costa coffee.


#DCDNC chapter 8, page 19 - again at Costa's.

Speedpainting. No, really, this took me no more than one hour from scratch to finish.


Lazy Saturday afternoon - #DCDNC chapter 8, page 20.


Equally lazy Sunday, also drawing #DCDNC.

wtorek, 26 stycznia 2016

Back to Basics

Welcome back after one week of outfit-post-wise absence! Both of my photographers happened to be busy at the same time. The result? The mentioned small break. You got to see more of my art, though, in the new series called the Art Recap, so I hope no one's been upset! So... What do we have here today?

The answer is a complete back to basics. The Karolina Romanova version of basics, of course, so the outfit is one half elegant and one half quirky. The inner layer consists of a slightly dark schoolgirl attire: a pleated skirt and an interesting sweater with a shirt underneath; the Peter Pan-style collar is adorned with a classy cameo brooch.

Moving on to the outer layer - there's my iconic porkpie hat and tan faux fur, which really lightened up the whole set. High-cut gloves added the edgy feeling to it.

 Let's not forget about this treasure that I've found during the Christmas sale: dark red patent brogues. Even though I bought them for half of the original price, I predict they will last for years - they're really heavy and solid... and they also fit into my style perfectly.

You can't deny that this outfit is a proof that I'm doing great with last year's style resolution! I've got so many blog-related plans for 2016 that I don't even know if I'll be able to bring them all to life, but there's one thing I can say for sure now: I'm gonna stick to the quirky school uniform aesthetic.

shirt, sweater, skirt, faux fur, bag - thrifted
tights - Gatta
shoes - H&M

Photos by Marta, thank you!

wtorek, 19 stycznia 2016

Art recap 2016.01.11 - 2016.01.17


A work-in-progress screencap of my new artwork of Charles, the protagonist of my comic project Utopia. I'll reveal the finished version soon!


#DCDNC chapter 8, page 13 over caffe latte. 


#DCDNC chapter 8, page 14, caffe latte again.


Sketching chapter 8, page 15 of #DCDNC.


...aaaand finishing the page.

A sketch of a new CG.


A two-colour finished version...


...and the regular coloured edition. You can see full versions of those two pictures on my Tumblr and Facebook.

wtorek, 12 stycznia 2016

Matryoshka, Winter Version

WE GOT SNOW! Like... okay, I wasn't all merry about it at first. The weather forecast said nothing about the snowfall so when it happened a day before I left my hometown to travel back to Łódź, I was totally unprepared. Thick leg warmer-like socks + creepers combo had to do in that situation. Not the perfect solution, but I had no other choice. However, once I got back, I came up with this cute winter outfit idea and actually brightened up a little.

Sure, initially I wanted to wear my mighty Litas, just like in my previous matryoshka-inspired outfit. Can you imagine wearing them when the ground is super slippery, though? Yeah, I couldn't either, so I opted for those comfortable laced up booties instead. 

In September I claimed I would be replacing this wig soon. I decided to give it a last chance, though - combed it thoroughly, applied lost of hairspray, straightened, combed again... and it worked miracles on the cranky ends I was complaining about! Now the wig is super soft and as natural-looking as it gets again.

I'm still amazed by the versatility of this coat. One moment, it looks like a part of a boy uniform. Now, it turned into a dress-like, elegant piece that incorporates easily into the Russian doll aesthetic. If only it had pockets...! On the other hand, maybe it's better without them - this way, it's the somehow luxurious garment reserved for special occassions.

coat - New Look
gloves - sinsay
overknees - Gatta
boots - F&F

Photos taken by Marta, thank you so much!

poniedziałek, 11 stycznia 2016

Art recap - 2016.01.04 - 2016.01.10

Hello there, I bet you didn't expect this...! As I mentioned on my Instagram, I've been to my hometown for more than one week and my apartment there has no selfie-suitable mirror and... well... it's not like I'd have anything interesting to show outfit-wise, since it was supposed to be a cozy mostly-stay-at-home lovey-dovey type of trip with my significant other. I did, however, draw a lot and took lots of WIP (work in progress) pics - so I'm just gonna do a WIP recap this Monday instead of the usual Outfit of the Day one. If you would like me to turn this art recap into a weekly thing, just let me know!

All of the artwork and comic pages are from my original comic project #DCDNC which you can read on Smackjeeves.


Two of characters that will appear much later on; one of them is a drag queen (blue-haired beauty) and the other is his twin sister.


Chapter 8, page 10 - drawn over a cup of flat white in pretty much the only proper chain coffee store in my hometown, haha.


Ritsuko and Kira, or the main characters of the whole story (well, Kira's more of the main character, to be honest).


Erika, who is a fierce pop icon in the #DCDNC-verse.

Ritsuko and Kira again.


Back in Łódź, still drawing - chapter 8, page 11. Drinking caffe latte.


Chapter 8, page 12, caffe latte again.


Finishing Saturday's page while sipping cappuccino.

piątek, 8 stycznia 2016

December recap

I started December with this simple dark outfit that I wore to see Mockingjay part II. I chose black and gold to go well with the mockingjay pin theme. Also, it was my first time to wear this metallic golden shirt out - check out the full post to see it in its full glory, totally worth it!

Yet another glorious photoshoot done by Klara from The Robot That Had a Heart. I levelled up the androgyny game by pairing this epic red coat with accessories suitable for a retro schoolboy.

See? I really can put together an outfit without the usual porkpie hat (it was hella tough for me, though)! A wonderful thrifted find - the tan-coloured faux fur - and ladylike red accessories that kept me warm during one of the first chilly days of this winter.

Just an obligatory quirky Christmas-themed look featuring my crazy sweater and a tartan bowtie.

I wrapped the year up with yet another androgynous outfit that was half on the elegant side and half on the party side.

wtorek, 5 stycznia 2016


Whimsical is perhaps the best word to describe this whole photoshoot. Starting from the surprisingly bad (dark, wet and cold) weather, through my quirky look, finishing at the librarian-style glasses - all of this could be defined by the aforementioned word. Let's ignore the first point - honestly, the fact it was so dark we could barely take good shots speaks for itself - and break down the outfit by its key pieces.

This grandpa sweater has been in my wardrobe for more than two years already. Even though it can be considered a typical ugly sweater, you seem to adore it everytime I wear it - and let me tell you, I do it a lot! It appeared once here on the blog, but I show it very often in my OOTD shots. Here I paired it with a denim vest underneath and a bright red woolen skirt. Judging by the colour scheme, the sweater and the skirt look like a match made in heaven!

Next, there's that pair of cat eye glasses. Actually, those have no prescription - so why am I wearing them? Just recently I got my eyes checked thoroughly and it turned out that my prescription glasses are doing literally NOTHING to correct my eyesight; it worsened through the past few years and my current prescription glasses are way too weak. Luckily, it isn't really that bad and I can see without them pretty good (astigmatism is the real problem here). So while I'm deciding whether should I save money for new glasses or switch to contact lenses, I'm experimenting with various frames. Plus, don't you think this librarian-style pair matches my curled up bangs?

sweater, denim vest, skirt - thrifted
collar tips - sinsay
coat - Orsay

Photos taken by Marta, thank you very much!

poniedziałek, 4 stycznia 2016

#ootd 2015.12.28 - 2015.12.30


Celebrating the 5th anniversary with my bae by going to a fancy restaurant, hence the classic white + gold + black combo.


A cute outfit (that will probably get its own blog photoshoot), featuring a glorious thrifted find: super cheap sweater with the cross print.


My travelling outfit featuring a new (meaning, thrifted!) warm varsity jacket - I'm off to my hometown for a few days, so there will be no outfit photos for a while!

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