sobota, 31 października 2015

A Clockwork Pink Grapefruit

Halloween, at last! This year, I managed to set up a fancy photoshoot especially for this awesome holiday. Since I'm not a fan of your typically spooky (or, should I say, spoopy) costumes, I decided to do something classy for Halloween: an outfit inspired by A Clockwork Orange's Alexander.
(Who would've thought that it's my favourite book, huh?)

...wait, what? Pink hair, you say? Of course I had to add some personal touches. As I told you, this outfit is only inspired by Alexander. There are some elements that are undeniably linked to the character: a bowler hat, loose white shirt, heavy boots and characteristic right eye makeup; the rest is my personal preference. I guess I turned the orange into a pink grapefruit by wearing this wig, haha.

This is obvious for anyone familiar with the story, but a bottle of milk (with a fancy straw matching my hair) is also an in-character thing. And because I can't stand plain milk, I just used tiramisu-flavoured one. It was so yummy that you can notice the glass getting more and more empty on some photos!

The photos were taken in front of Izrael Poznanski's Palace, which is, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous buildings to see in Lodz. I had no idea you could take pictures there, but we (me and my photographer) even asked the security guy for permission and, well, that's how we got an awesome background for this elegant photoshoot.

One more thing: the place is always full of tourists. We started at a relatively early hour, but some elderly lady came up to us and asked if we're shooting a film, and oh, by the way, she finds my wig and costume absolutely beautiful. Why, thank you, random tourist, I feel honoured to be taken for a movie star!

shirt, scarf - thrifted
leather pants - Vero Moda
combat boots - Heavy Duty

Photos taken by Marta D., thank you!

wtorek, 27 października 2015

Sunday Best

Two weeks ago, on Sunday morning, I took a one hour long trip to Warsaw to meet with the lovely Klara from The Robot That Had A Heart. I haven't been to my country's capital city for six years, so everything was pretty exciting, but - somehow - not as overwhelming as I remembered it to be. Thanks to Klara, I had a chance to see an unexpected, cozy side of Warsaw - she took me to places I'd have never found there by myself, such as a bookstore-like cafe or gorgeous parks right by the Vistula river.

Of course, my newly made friend is the one behind this photoshoot! Since I was absolutely THRILLED to be photographed by a proffessional, I made sure to come up with the cutest outfit I could've thought of, which, in this case, was a slightly lolita-ish uniform. I tried to recreate the feel of anime-like catholic school uniforms - think Strawberry Panic! or something like that. I think I succeeded! I even wore a petticoat to add the volume to my skirt.

The shirt is definitely the centerpiece here. It's very decorative with its bright tartan print, giant ruffle across the chest area, ribbons to tie around the neck and hints of golden thread here and there.

I didn't want the top to steal that much attention, so I threw this matching cardigan over it. Just look at all of its details - the golden buttons, red accents and the coat of arms, embroidered on both pockets.

The long brown wig was an obvious choice - it completed the feminine, modest feel of the outfit. Klara has described it as very romantic and honestly, I think this word suits here perfectly, considering all the frilly details, long hair and warm colour pallette of the photoshoot.

shirt, skirt, cardi, bag - thirfted
shoes - My 1st Wish

Photos taken by Klara. Thank you very much!

poniedziałek, 26 października 2015

#ootd - 2015.10.19-2015.10.24


Sailor skirt and a super itchy 100% wool sweater. So itchy that I barely survived through the day, but at least it kept me warm!


A basic, kinda dark menswear-inspired outfit. At least the coat of arms is here. 


Wednesdays have to be flashy, so I wore this cute over-the-top set. Just so you know, this look will be featured in one of future outfit posts!


I wore my fanciest sweater and got promoted at work on this very day. Coincidence? I think not!


A very basic set, saved by the dandy scarf and a brand new pair of creepers.


Had a Halloween photoshoot that day. Can you guess what my main inspiration was?

wtorek, 20 października 2015

So Called Rocker Chick

Whenever I go to thrift shopping, I make sure it's the last (or second last) day of the particular store's weekly schedule so that the clothes are not only super cheap, but also truly of a kind that only I'd want to buy. Since all the basic stuff sells out in the first days of the schedule, only the weirdest pieces are left at that time. More goodness for me, yay! So one day I spotted something very shiny on the outerwear rack. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a fetish-like black vinyl jacket! I have always wanted a biker jacket but every single one I had seen before was way too basic for me to wear. But a vinyl one? Really?! I had to take it! Once I tried it on, a drawing I made years ago in the antique times when I was going around the Internet under a weeaboo nickname popped in my mind. This is it:

Meet Antoinette, one of my older generation original characters, a guitar-playing vocalist. Pretty and tiny on the outside, very rough and tough inside. I wanted her clothes to reflect her musical interests. My knowledge of subcultures other than Japanese ones was very poor back then, so I had a hard time coming up with a spoiled rich female guitarist's daily uniform. Yeah... this is what I considered to be the so called Rocker Chick Look back then. (still better than what women's fashion magazines describe as the rock look).

Years have passed, but I remembered about that drawing (that somehow was a milestone for my artistic progress) and decided to put together an outfit inspired by it. As I am pursuing my school uniform resolution, I had to add a bit of formal elegance to it.

You might have noticed it already if you're following me on Instagram, but just recently my new porkpie hat has arrived from the distant land of China! This is the closest I can get to classic top hat without selling everything I've got (but one day I'll get a true woollen top hat, I promise)! I've been wearing it, like, every single day since I got it and this outfit is no exception. The wide brim surely brings an elegant schoolgirl charm to the whole look.

Another thing: the neatly tied scarf, standing out proudly under my collar. It adds a whole new dimension to every shirt I wear - look at the picture above and imagine how much less interesting would it be without the bow peeking from under the jacket! I pay great attention to the layering, neckties included. I like my outfits to be somehow multi-dimensional... if this even makes sense. Hard to explain.

shirt, skirt, jacket, scarf - thirfted
shoes - My 1st Wish

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

poniedziałek, 19 października 2015

#ootd - 2015.10.12-2015.10.18

Hello guys! As you might know, Instagram is probably the social network that I am the most active on. As a part of my latest style resolution, I am posting my outfits of the day every morning - a fullbody shot and a closeup shot. Due to my immense insta-activity (haha), the photos quickly disappear and go forgotten, so I have decided to compile them every Monday in one blog post. Think of it as of an addition to the "big" outfit posts! That's it for the introduction - let's start with the first episode (?) of this new blog series.


On top of a peter pan collar black shirt, I wore this skater dress with an interesting print - at first sight, it looks like leopard print, but as you look closer, you'll notice that it's actually a pattern made of little kiss stains. How cute!


Classy college look with what seems to be an authentic school uniform tie (it has the college's logo on the very bottom). The tartan print shirt and heavy-textured cardigan bring a feel of coziness.


Something special to mark the middle of the week - a simple white shirt/leather pants combo, topped with extravagant touches: the flashy faux fur and silky bow.


It doesn't get any cozier than this: I wore a huge flannel shirt as a dress. That's it.


There's no such thing as too much tartan print, so I threw a tartan bowtie on a tartan shirt. I wore a simple cardi on top, which resulted in a classy yet very cute schoolboy look.


A subtly gothic lolita-ish outfit: black shirt dress combined with a petticoat, high boots and my precious new sailor fuku bag. Yes, the bag did make some heads turn... As in, heads of 8-10yo girls that don't even know that this bag was inspired by Rei Hino's private school uniform. Haha. Do they even know who the hell Rei Hino is?

wtorek, 13 października 2015

Starting Point

I've been doing lots of things lately. I am focusing almost 100% on my blog and the career that goes with it - investing in unique pieces that would match my style PER-FECT-LY, doing lots of fashion illustration, finding new outlets to promote, meeting with various photographers (yes, I got a chance to meet the lovely Klara from The Robot That Had a Heart - more on this once we get to the post featuring her photos of me!). So, yeah. Lots of work, It kinda calls for some serious resolutions, doesn't it?

It's related to how I've been analysing my way of dressing and all the trends that I like. So, the resolution is: I have decided to explore the school uniform theme for a longer while and see how much can be done with it! Today's outfit, a very laid-back uniform inspired heavily by K-pop fashion (again), is a perfect starting point for this decision.

This year, I'd been swaying away from this theme numerous times, only to later find out that those outfits, despite still being classy and cute, aren't one hundred percent true to where I'd like my style to go. Then, fall started and honestly, is there any better moment to wear school uniforms than the start of the back to school craze?
(This photoshoot had been done waaay back in September.)

(Don't mind my wig's cranky ends. I'm going to replace it soon, I swear.)

So. Clothes, shoes and hats are there, and I've just ordered some accessories that would compliment my cute vintage uniforms. Let's see how it turns out as the time goes!

shirt, skirt, bag - thirfted
#GIYONGCHY sweatshirt - DIY
hat - sinsay
shoes - My 1st Wish

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

wtorek, 6 października 2015

September recap

This month, I managed to put together only three outfit posts, but let's review them one more time nonetheless.

I started the month with this cute boyish sailor outfit. Still, I have no idea whether it fits more in the "still summery" or "back to school" category. Probably both would be fine, but the fact that this was probably the last time this year when I went out with bare legs makes it fall more into the first one.

Let's move onto something that sums up my fascination with Russia - a matryoshka-inspired look! Lots of red, rosy cheeks and lips, folk theme going on. Now that I think of it, I should've worn more golden accents. Oh well. The Russian feel is still there.

Last, but certainly not least, we've got my most boyish look up to date. K-pop game is strong in this one! Not everybody got it, but you just can't please everyone, plus there will surely be more outfits like this. This huge collection of snapbacks that I have in my closet just has to get its spotlight.
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