środa, 17 września 2014

The Fashion Language

Hi guys! Not so long ago, I’ve been asked by Smartling, a translation service company that is able to translate website content into multiple languages for many famous brands, to write a post on my very own “fashion language”. The New York Fashion Week is just around the corner. The event, gathering fashionistas from all over the world, will be a wonderful showcase of many trends unique to the particular parts of the globe. That’s why Smartling decided to  celebrate the multicultural aspect of fashion by asking bloggers to describe their “fashion language” or, to put it simply, the way trends from various countries “translate” into their signature style.

You all know that I’m a freak for some languages and cultures. I’ve been proclaiming my love for Russia and Great Britain countless times already. Let’s not forget about Japan and South Korea, too – the Japanese phase might have faded a bit through the years, but, being a dedicated K-pop fan, I’m very up-to-date with what’s in fashion in South Korea. What’s even better, I try to stay away from the blatant ethnic elements that might seem to tackle the cultural appropriation issue (hello, hours spent on Tumblr!) and get my style fix from trends that have naturally emerged in particular subcultures as time passed.

So, are you ready for a quick journey around the world, accompanied by my very own illustrations?

piątek, 12 września 2014

Totally Girly Stuff

See? I told you I'm taking a longer break! My photographer totally deserved it, though. Lots of stuff happened through the last month, so I wasn't in a mood for a photoshoot, either; flannels, skinny jeans and minimal amount of accessories might be comfy and suitable for my smart-and-quirky style, but definitely not outfit post-worthy. Yep, it was that kind of dark, stressfull time when you're not really into wearing anything fancy. It's still not really over, but I'm slowly getting better.
Long time no see, totally girly stuff. I wonder how it is even possible that I haven't shown you this dress up to this moment. It's one of those emergency pieces; nothing to wear? Just take a preppy dress and throw a cardi on it! Anyway, there are two other stars here. One of them is this bear-eared hat (I prefer to see those bumps as horns, though!) that I've found in the darkest corners of Ebay and instantly fell in love with it (I ordered a dark red version, too). I have to be one of the very few Polish fashionistas owning this kind of hat, if not the only one, don't you think so? And I don't even consider myself as a hipster anymore... Well, back to the topic - the other star here is a pair of shiny black oxford shoes that I don't wear very often, but absolutely love them. It was about time to show them on the blog! Even though I finished high school over 4 years ago, this outfit brings that kind of a "back to school" feel that seems to be very appreciated in the blogosphere these days, haha.
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