wtorek, 22 kwietnia 2014

Wonderful Electric

So, given the post's title, you already know that I'm hooked on Goldfrapp. Truth to be told, I've been extensively exposed to this band for more than three years by now (I can already see the person responsible for it smirking), but just recently I decided to give it a try on my own and... that's it, I fell in love (with a Strict Machine). Well, there's not much literally related to the post title's here (maybe except for the funky headphones), so I have to explain the connection that is obvious for me, but might not be obvious to you guys.
I'm blessed to have synesthesia. Contrary to popular opinion - no, I'm not tripping all day long with strange visions whenever I get signals from my senses; it's more like finding those... relationships between the senses that aren't really connected to each other in the case of a non-synesthesia person. So, what am I trying to say is that when I listen to Strict Machine, or the post's theme, I immediately think about the colours captured in this outfit: slightly dusted purple and pink hues with a hint of gray and black undertone. Does this even make sense for you? Ugh, it's kinda... hard to explain. And I'm poor at explaining anything. Sorry.
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niedziela, 6 kwietnia 2014


I wear shirts daily. Heck, I'm trying to be preppy (with my own twist of course), right? However, I wear them so often that they stopped being smart enough for me. That's why I decided to get my necktie&bowtie collection from the forgotten corner of my room. Today's outfit features a lovely tartan print bowtie that I've bought together with this one - they're much smaller than usual bowties which makes them so cute! The bag is a new addition to my wardrobe. At first I couldn't get used to it because the material it's made of is kinda stiff, but once everyone at my workplace found it classy, I started wearing it more and more often... until it has become a staple part of my daily smart-ish look. I added the spikes to spice it up. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't try to customize my accessories.

 I'm so sorry for the long delay, but some big changes have occured in my life. There are times when I'm busy seven days a week. Why? Now I'm not only a weekend student (meaning I have to attend classes every second weekend), but I also got a job! Not a freelance one like up to this time, but a five-days-a-week, nine-to-five one. That's really big. Plus, my photographer (who happens to be my BFF) has got a job, too. That means we're both super busy. Not that I'm complaining, but meeting for a photoshoot (and obligatory dinner+coffee afterwards) seems really impossible most of the time. Luckily enough, now that days are getting longer and longer, we're able to meet after work and do some evening shoot - like this one. Gosh, it came out sooo dark (in a positive way!).
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