wtorek, 4 lutego 2014

O • M • G

Don't let the snow in the background fool you - it was +6C and the remains of winter were just melting on our eyes (well, let's just wait till the Great Annual Winter Comeback around Easter). Finally, it was warm enough not to cover half of my outfit with a coat. So, what do we have here? Oh, the mighty oversized denim shirt. A denim shirt has been the main reason for me to start searching through second hand stores four years ago. I've found it just now, but got addicted to sh shopping in the meantime... Well, nevermind. This post also features the new statement beanie (like they love to call it nowadays), the OMG necklace... and lots of girly giggles. And because I can't help but cover my mouth everytime I giggle, much like those Japanese girls, it looks even more girly. Be prepared.
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