środa, 25 grudnia 2013

The Red-Coated Reindeer

I hope you're having great time on your Christmas break! Today's post features some of the pieces from my wardrobe I really, really love: the festive sweater, the uniform-inspired coat and brand new 30-hole combat boots I've been dreaming of for the past three years. As much as this outfit screams "WINTER!", there was no snow and the weather was actually nice (about +5 degrees C I think?). At least my fav shopping centre's X-mas decorations have saved the festive mood.
You can already tell that I adore those vintage sweaters, don't you?
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The Red-Coated Reindeer - MODNAPOLKA.pl

piątek, 20 grudnia 2013

Properly layered

There were those times when the only one-piece type of clothing I could've tolerated were dresses. Last year I started exploring the theme by finding a lovely jumpsuit during Spring sales. But dungarees? Really? Being an early 90's kid, I've seen them literally EVERYWHERE in my childhood and I hated it when Mom used to make me wear them. However, during one of those second hand store trips this summer, I spotted this pair. To be honest, it was love at first sight - just look at those checkered bits and lots of pockets! I didn't have many occasions to wear it because denim dungarees seem so summer-ish, but then I thought they'd be lovely when layered properly with some winter pieces. I was right!
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wtorek, 3 grudnia 2013

Oversize + overknees

You already know that oversized sweaters are one of my staples, so now I'm going to tell you about another one: overknees. For me, they are a must once the temperature outside drops below a certain level. I've got an extensive collection of knee-high and over-the-knee socks waiting to be used every winter, so prepare to see more of them! Today's sweater is, just like the previous one, a second hand store find. In fact, I've found it on the menswear side of the store. The sweater's so cozy and big though that I'm wearing it as a dress most of the time. Isn't the knit on it beautiful?
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Oversize + Overknees - MODNAPOLKA.pl

wtorek, 26 listopada 2013

District 4

So, who has already seen Catching Fire? This was my outfit for the movie's premiere.  I'm not brave enough to rock the flashy Capitol style (although I absolutely love it!), so I just choose a military-styled outfit to go well with the mood of the story. The dominant colour, though, is dark blue, because blue means the sea and the sea means District 4... and my favourite Hunger Games character, Finnick ♥ (the old fountain adds to the water theme, too). Everytime his face appeared on the screen, I was sure that I've made the right choice, haha. I'm soooo going to see the movie at least one more time.
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środa, 20 listopada 2013

On the contrary...

...this was one of those days that are more on the feminine side. The coat and the backpack turned out to be super versatile - they looked great with my latest tomboyish outfit as well as they do with this girly one. I had a hard time choosing the shoes for this outfit but in the end I decided to wear my favourite sneakers. As I realized later, it was the last day warm enough to go out in them... Oh well, they'll have to wait till spring comes.
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wtorek, 12 listopada 2013

Tomboy chic

There are those days when I want to feel kinda androgynous (and my new hairstyle makes it so much easier). No wonder that I love wearing men's shirts, preferably flannels - they're so versatile, depending on what you pair them up with! Black leather definitely adds the masculine touch. That's why it appeared both on my coat and boots. The highlight of this post, though, is the new backpack which can easily fit into both girly and tomboyish outfits.
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wtorek, 22 października 2013

Favourite sweater

Following yesterday's preview, here it is, a new post featuring my favourite sweater. I swear, you can find the most precious statement pieces in second hand shops! I have to admit that I'm getting closer and closer to my "true style" with every post - at first I was a bit hesitant to come out as a part-time-hipster, part-time-artist, part-time-God-knows-what fashion weirdo, but the truth is that my outfits can get pretty much ecclectic and... geekish? More like wannabe geekish. Anyway, I like to dress like the characters I draw do, which is rather eccentric with a vintage feel.

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